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SPEEDWERKS is a high performance automobile & motorsports systems supplier, event manager, and engineering company. SPEEDWERKS supplies race-proven off-the-shelf and custom components, with a balanced approach to improving all aspects of vehicle performance and appearance, while maintaining a high level of reliability, drivability, and ease of maintenance. SPEEDWERKS provides enthusiast automobile and racecar development, preparation, and restoration services for discriminating owners. SPEEDWERKS develops, plans, and executes educational and competitive events as well as comprehensive programs for motorsports facilities, with a focus on safety and risk management. SPEEDWERKS serves motorsports and automotive enthusiasts with the highest standards of quality and performance. Every SPEEDWERKS product and service is a balanced effort; implementing world-class engineering and leading-edge technology. SPEEDWERKS offers high quality, high performance, innovative design & engineering, and state-of-the-art technology, in a complete & total package.

Race-Proven OEM & aftermarket parts

SPEEDWERKS provides state-of-the-art components and materials from race-proven OEM and aftermarket suppliers. SPEEDWERKS is a certified, value-added dealer/distributor for select lines of factory and aftermarket performance parts, components, equipment, and upgrade systems.

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Custom Design & Engineering

SPEEDWERKS is an advanced technology design, engineering and research company. We provide our customers with innovative and realistic solutions to design, development, and product needs. Our established membership in a strategic alliance of hi-tech companies, and engineering-oriented universities, enables us to bring leading edge technology and broad knowledge to bear on our customers' toughest problems.

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Aerospace Materials

SPEEDWERKS applies military and aerospace materials, methods, and processes to automotive applications. The SPEEDWERKS team's commercial experience in the defense and aerospace sectors includes, but is not limited to, manufacturing, maintenance, quality assurance, product development, and testing. SPEEDWERKS has also developed relationships with local university faculty and staff, as well as prominent businesses in fabrication and development of high technology products, using advanced materials.

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Vehicle Services

SPEEDWERKS provides Design & Development services for customers that need hi-tech solutions not available from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts suppliers. Our services include installation of Speedwerks components; preparation for competitive motorsports events, including track events, racing, and Concours D’elegance; restorations; and Restoration-Modernizations (Resto-Mods).

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Motorsports Event Operations

SPEEDWERKS develops and manages full-spectrum motorsports operations at qualified motorsports facilities, providing a broad range of educational, experiential, and competitive events to meet the needs of the widest possible base of the motorsports community. We plan and execute motorsports events for education, competition, or organizational team building with an emphasis on safety, fun, and fairness. Our team brings over 90 combined years of experience in operations planning, coordination, and management expertise together to offer our customers the best in operations management.

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